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How to find more time

for what you really want

3 weeks of gentle self-awareness for more peace with less micro-managing yourself

"Her honesty, vulnerability, gusto, and just down right inspiring attitude about life with more joy and less overwhelm, has inspired me to make positive changes in my life that I was too afraid to make for YEARS. She’s inspiring!"

—Jesslyn O.

Friend, you’re working so hard.

But you’re always running up against the clock.

No matter how hard you try, it feels like you’re always a few hours short in your week.

What are you doing wrong?!

I have ab-so-lutely been there, and after lots of trial and error,

I created a system that helped me identify what was getting in my way and how to solve it.


imagine more space in your week so you can live with less overwhelm and more JOY


Three weekly video coachings from Hilary

Uncover how & why your schedule got so overly full in the first place & how to heal it.


A mini-journal with worksheets for each week to capture notes

In just a few minutes a day you’ll gather data & ideas that will guide us to the right next steps uniquely for you.


A clearer schedule thanks to deeper clarity

Simple yet profound shifts so your mornings, work days, nights, and weekends allow breathing space for what you truly want.

"Her teachings and programs have honestly flipped the switch on so many things in my life. I feel more clarity and less inclined to say yes to things that won’t serve me well."

- Amanda P.


A uniquely YOU recipe for more freedom in your schedule,
with small shifts for big exhales.

3 weeks of gentle self-awareness with me as your guide

Creating this breakthrough for myself was so slow and I wish I’d had this teaching to save me years of wondering what I was doing wrong! 

Sometimes it’s the simple things like why can I never find time to do a good skincare routine at night despite having bought the fancy microneedling tool and all that jazz?

Sometimes it’s the meaningful things like why do I keep feeling sad or bad I don’t call my parents more yet keep putting it off?

And other times it’s the big things like prioritizing my physical health or not getting burnt out from juggling so many revenue streams or team members in my business.

Thanks to this teaching, I beat myself up far less often on all those fronts!

I feel more peaceful about my choices, and confident about my next steps when I’m feeling overcommitted or want to say yes (or no) to something new. 

Let me help you identify, clarify, and simplify, so you can find more joy in your everyday.

I don’t believe in hacks or “secrets of the successful” you’re missing out on. I do believe you’re making yourself miserable right now (it’s not your fault, I’ll explain why inside) and you can truly make it easier in just a few short weeks. 

as seen in ...

This is perfect for you if you ever struggle with...

Balancing your schedule to make space for a job, building a business on the side, and making time for your husband, socializing, and self care (aka all the things)

Making time to really work on your goals rather than just checking daily tasks off your to-do list

Overwhelm from all the things you COULD be doing that you end up hardly getting anything done

Feeling like there’s not enough time and not enough energy to do what you truly want

I’ve got you, m’dear!

"She’s genuine and helps me shrug off my perfectionist tendencies."

- Paige B.


Join me today and I’ll accompany you as you move throughout your next three weeks, using the natural pockets of time you have (translation: a few minutes at a time, not an hour.)

We’ll gently gather insights and ideas alongside my teaching, encouragement, and our mini-journal for tracking with a little more breathing room as we go. 

Can’t wait to hear how much better you feel…

Less sprinting and stress, more fulfilled and free ✨

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